5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Longevity Evaluation

The latest research continues to highlight products that are designed to improve our health and protect us from damaging our bodies in the long-term. However, most individuals don’t have a clear insight into their own general day-to-day health. To achieve this comprehensive insight into our baseline health, we must work with specialists offering analysis through a longevity evaluation.

Let’s take a look at 5 common reasons why people are interested in getting longevity evaluations at the Grossman Wellness Center.

1) Get a Better Understanding of Your Brain and Nervous System

When you schedule a longevity evaluation, you receive a comprehensive brain and nervous system analysis. This process will provide you with clear information on your brain and it’s function, along with your overall health of your nervous system. Our team will pinpoint how your diet and daily activities are impacting your nervous system, and help you form a foundation for protecting your brain health and the health of your nervous system for the coming years.

2) Nutritional Evaluation

Our comprehensive longevity evaluation can help you to learn how your diet is affecting your health. Our nutritional experts can determine the overall nutritional health of your body through various testing procedures. Once our team of experts complete their examinations, they will then make personal recommendations to you on the nutrients your body requires to improve or retain your core health. The specialist will help you understand what diet(s) and supplement plan(s) you need to help you achieve peak fitness.

3) Determine Potential Food Allergies

If you’ve felt unusually tired or if you’ve been experiencing stomach pain on a regular basis, you may have an allergy to a particular food item. Sometimes, these allergies might simply be an intolerance to a specific kind of food, or gluten might be the problem. Read our blog post on understanding food allergies, food intolerances, and gluten.

Our longevity evaluation is critical in pinpointing potential food allergies through the use of blood analysis. With these tests, we aim to help you to understand your individual health issues and determine whether an allergy is the cause of the problem.

4) Complete Blood Testing

Our blood testing and analysis will provide the basis for future treatment. It’s a full testing suite that includes a  two-hour glucose-insulin tolerance test, a comprehensive chemistry panel and complete blood count, and full testing for cardiac risk factors. These tests will provide a baseline for your cardiac health, and will set the stage for your short-term and long-term health. Learn more about the blood tests included in a longevity evaluation.

5) The Start of a Customized Relationship to Better Your Health

In most cases, the relationships that we’ve built with our patients starts with a longevity evaluation. Once the evaluation is concluded, we will recommend you start a nutrition or fitness plan, and in some cases, we recommend that you start both.

As part of our longevity evaluation program, you’ll receive a full report on your overall health, which will then be discussed with you by one of our in-house medical professionals. It’s the complete program for insights on your current health.

To learn more and book your place in our longevity evaluation program, call or contact us today!


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