Hormone Balancing

Ah, hormones. Those beloved chemicals that can make or break how you physically, mentally, and emotionally feel. Hormone balance is vital to a healthy mind and body. Contrary to popular belief, hormone imbalance is not limited to women. Though many signs of hormone imbalance, such as menopausal and PMS symptoms, male pattern baldness, and erectile dysfunction to name a few, have become accepted and almost considered normal in modern society, these are actually indications that something is off and needs to be addressed. Understanding and addressing the cause of hormone imbalance allows us to treat and prevent it so that overall health can be rejuvenated.

What Are IV Therapies and How Do They Help?

Intravenous therapy has become one of the most popular treatment options for a good number of our patients. The process involves inserting liquid intravenously, or directly into your veins, to ensure almost immediate delivery of medications, nutrients, and other drugs. For those considering IV therapies, we’ll provide you with information on the range of IV therapies and the benefits each offers to the patient.

Hypothyroidism: Learn the Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Hypothyroidism is a common condition throughout the country. It causes the body to not produce sufficient levels of a hormone in the thyroid causing some people a slower metabolism among other symptoms. If you believe you might be suffering from this challenging issue, or you just want to know more about the condition and its impact, we will highlight the symptoms and the primary causes behind hypothyroidism.

The Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist

It’s difficult to have a full understanding about what your body needs to be healthy mostly because there are so many different vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, and much more components of your diet and nutrition. Nonetheless, it is essential to develop a dietary plan that is suited to your individual health requirements and achieve complete nutrition and wellness. Nutritionists play a critical role in this important process, and at the Grossman Wellness Center, our nutrition team works with a majority of our patients.

Why You Need A Fitness Plan

Studies have shown that physical activity is, quite obviously, one of the primary factors when evaluating a person’s overall health. Do you know why?

5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Longevity Evaluation

The latest research continues to highlight products that are designed to improve our health and protect us from damaging our bodies in the long-term. However, most individuals don’t have a clear insight into their own general day-to-day health. To achieve this comprehensive insight into our baseline health, we must work with specialists offering analysis through a longevity evaluation.

4 Outdoor Activities for All Ages

Going outdoors and participating in fun, physical activities is great for your body, mind and spirit. Besides getting your daily dose of vitamin D, getting outside helps clear your head and improves your overall mental well-being. Here’s a roundup of four outdoor activities to keep your heart pumping at any age, along with a few alternative therapy or health tips.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Our medical director, Terry Grossman, M.D., and Dr. Ray Kurzweil discuss that the two main pillars to maintaining optimal health as people age are prevention and early detection of diseases and disorders. For half a decade, the Grossman Wellness Center has been offering The Program for Optimal Wellness (POW)™, which is designed to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. These two diesases are the two leading killers in our modern world, and our goal is to prevent them to the greatest extent possible while also promoting optimal wellness.

Everything You Should Know About Food Allergies and Gluten

Millions of people around the world are affected by food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. A majority of food allergies or sensitivities cause minor discomfort or mild symptoms, but some people can develop severe reactions to certain foods and in some cases, those foods can become life-threatening.

What Are Concierge Medical Services and Could They Be Right for You?

Today’s traditional medical system has a few issues. It is focused on treatments that address your symptoms; it deprives you of valuable face-to-face time with the doctor, and patients are often limited to procedures that are only covered by their health insurance.

An Introduction to High Blood Pressure and What You Can Do to Stop It

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in the developed world. In America alone, about 600,000 people die every year from heart disease. This is a troubling statistic because in some cases, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented.

We’ve got a few ideas that we share with our patients on how to avoid debilitating cardiovascular diseases, and they all have to do with keeping your blood pressure at optimal levels.

What is Chronic Fatigue: A Persistent Pain or Complex Condition?

If your body chronically hurts in places for no particular reason, or you find yourself constantly exhausted (wanting to sleep anytime, anywhere), you may be experiencing the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). CFS is a complex illness characterized by long-term fatigue and many other disabling complaints (see below). This condition is difficult to pinpoint because there is no standard testing and a diagnosis depends on a rule-in / rule-out process.

What You NEED to Know About Seasonal Allergies

It’s that time of year again! The trees are budding; flowers are blooming…. and if you’re part of the millions that suffer from seasonal allergies, it also means the sneezing, coughing, running nose and puffy eyes are back. Contrary to popular belief, seasonal allergies are not normal, but rather a sign that the immune system is imbalanced. In order to identify the underlying cause of your seasonal allergies (and stop them for life!), seemingly unrelated health factors need to be evaluated, including gastrointestinal health, liver function, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and more.

4 Types of Alternative Treatments for Women with Low Testosterone

As women age, their hormone levels naturally decline. Typically starting around age 30 or so, human genetic code has been programmed to reduce these levels, though the effects are more noticeable for many people after 50 years of age. These effects can include things like: muscle shrinkage, vision and hearing deterioration, and decreased brain and lung function.

The Health & Wellness Benefits of Chelation Therapy

The word “chelation” comes from the Greek word chele or claw and refers to the chemical process of grabbing onto heavy metal ions. Many people today are increasingly exposed to toxic heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium. These toxic metals have a propensity for accumulating in the heart.[2]

Complementary Medicine Practioners See Great Results with Metformin

Metformin is the most widely prescribed anti-diabetes drug in the world. Practitioners of complementary medicine have recently begun to prescribe this medicine to non-diabetics because of its powerful anti-cancer activity and potential for antiaging purposes.

5 Types of Digestive Health Assessments You Should Know About

Several tests are useful to assess your digestive system. We prefer functional tests, because these reveal how well your digestive tract works or functions rather than imaging studies such as X rays or CT scans, which only reveal anatomy.  

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