Early Detection Saves Lives

Our medical director, Terry Grossman, M.D., and Dr. Ray Kurzweil discuss that the two main pillars to maintaining optimal health as people age are prevention and early detection of diseases and disorders. For half a decade, the Grossman Wellness Center has been offering The Program for Optimal Wellness (POW)™, which is designed to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. These two diesases are the two leading killers in our modern world, and our goal is to prevent them to the greatest extent possible while also promoting optimal wellness.

What’s New With This Program?

The Let’s Stop Dying (LSD)™ program expands on our current services to include the detection of heart disease and cancer at the earliest possible stages. We have seen cardiovascular disease and cancer in more and more people because the condition that cause them tend to progress for years before producing any symptoms. By the time symptoms typically occur, the results are often catastrophic, and in some cases fatal. Let’s examine the symptoms, or lack thereof of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The coronary arteries can become as much as 70% to 80% blocked or more without producing any symptoms. As a result, the first symptom of cardiovascular disease in two out of three people might be a heart attack. These individuals receive no prior warning signs: no chest pain with exertion, no abnormal heart rhythms, no dizziness or shortness of breath. Their first indication of cardiovascular disease is that they suffer a heart attack, which can be fatal!


Cancer is highly treatable when detected before it has metastasized or spread. Unfortunately, far too many people are not diagnosed early. For common cancers like lung cancer, six out of seven people’s cancer will be metastasized by the time of diagnosis. Sadly, the prospects for cure drop dramatically when malignancies are no longer localized.

A New Approach

Thanks to advancements in modern medical techniques, practices, and technologies, we now have the tools to detect heart disease and cancer at very early stages. Catching these diseases many years before any symptoms appear can allow essential changes to  diet, lifestyle, medication, and other areas to be made that lead to nearly complete eradication.

What Can You Do if a Disease is Found?

Ideally, your LSD™ testing will be negative – meaning that there is no evidence the aforementioned diseases. Fortunately, this is the case for 50% of our patients at their initial screening. The other half do show the beginnings of cardiovascular disease or cancer.

By following our screening guidelines, we can help you get diagnosed early enough that either eradication or stabilization of the disease process is possible.

What will you get from the LSD™ program?

  • The best tests available for cardiovascular disease screening
  • Blood screening for the most common cancers
  • Additional blood testing that includes complete blood count, gender-specific hormone profile, diabetes screening, and more
  • Tests to evaluate for risk of experiencing a stroke
  • A consultation with one of our physicians to discuss your results and establish a personalized program minimize the risks of any found disease
  • A consultation with one of our staff nutritionists that will identify behaviors that decrease your health risks

Want to learn more on the Let’s Stop Dying™ program? Please visit our Early Detection Cancer & Heart Disease Prevention offering for more information.


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