Supplementation can sometimes make all the difference

Almost everyone over the age of 30 needs two universal supplements because that’s as long as we’ve been granted optimal health by our Stone Age genes. Up until the age of 30, it is easy to remain healthy, but after that, our caveman and cavewoman bodies are programmed to begin their downward slide and need additional help. Supplementation can play a role in helping overcome your outdated genetic programming.

The two supplements that that can be taken by virtually everyone over 30 are a multiple vitamin-mineral formulation and fish oil. A daily multiple is necessary to ensure that raw materials are always available to help your youth-sustaining enzymes function optimally at all times. Numerous factors have conspired to require most adults to take supplementation.

“Modern” farming methods have led to significant decreases in the vitamin and mineral content of our food, and almost no one eats enough fresh fruit and vegetables to get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals without supplementation. In addition, digestive function decreases with age so that you don’t absorb nutrients as well, another reason why you need more than what’s available from food alone. Studies have shown that 90 percent of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals, so by taking a daily multiple, your body can use what it needs and discard the rest.

You want a daily multiple that contains enough vitamins and minerals to meet your needs for optimal nutrition. Optimal amounts vary from person to person, but you want a daily multiple that contains enough of each ingredient to meet optimal health needs – and not just prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy and rickets. But these amounts cannot fit in one capsule or tablet. It would be too big. Therefore, a one-a-day vitamin won’t fit the bill. Rather, you’ll need to take a daily multiple that typically has 2 to 6 pills per day. That way, each tablet or capsule is a comfortable size for you to swallow. But, you can’t just take 2 to 6 one-a-day vitamins either. Doing so would lead to your getting too much of one vitamin or mineral and not enough of another. Taking a few nutritional supplement pills a day can translate into better health for almost everyone.




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