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At The Grossman Wellness Center, we help patients obtain the testing needed to refine and optimize their personal health programs. Patients have come to visit our clinic from every corner of the U.S. and every continent. In addition to the programs we offer for people who come to Denver, we have also developed our Personalized Optimal Wellness™ (POW). POW provides many of the same benefits as our in-house programs, but doesn't require you to travel to Denver and is offered at a fraction of the cost. Many patients start with POW and then decide to add other hormone-based programs such as BAM (Best Aging Male) and WAP (Women Aging Perfectly). POW, BAM and WAP – they sound like something reminiscent of a superhero – and indeed these programs will readily empower you to become a superhero in your own life and take total control of your health and how well you age

Our Practitioners

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Terry Grossman,

Dr. Terry Grossman is the founder of Grossman Wellness Center. A thought leader in the industry, he is a published author and coach for many who have made the choice to live a longer healthier life. 

Jordanna Quinn,

Dr. Quinn has practiced medicine for 16 yrs and is board certified. She specializes in integrative and longevity medicine, stem cell and PRP injections, IV therapies, nutritional medicine, ultrasound guided injections, and bioidentical hormone replacement.

Our Nutrition Team

Jeff Bourquin, M.N.T.

Jeff Bourquin,

Jeff has obtained a B.S in nutrition and is finishing a M.S in nutrition and exercise science at Colorado State University. His primary interests lie in integrative physiology and nutrition for athletic performance.


Jessica Lee Reader,

Jessica Reader holds a Master Nutrition Therapy certification from the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Denver, Colorado and has been a teacher at the school for many years. 

Meet Our Team

Sam Rwubusisi
Sam Rwubusisi
Clinical Director
Brent Michnal
Robyn Stevens, M.A.
Infusion Manager
Laura Wolfe
Bruno Reyes
Patient Services Team
Jordan Uvalle
Clinical Team
LeAnn Wood
Patient Services Team
Darcy Lennon
Patient Services Team
Megan Thomas
Clinical Team

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