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Wellness Center Providers and Staff

Our Providers & Team

Grossman Wellness Center is a leading medical authority in the field of anti-aging and preventative medicine. We have spent the last 25 years working with patients to extend the length and quality of their lives. 


Our Practitioner

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Terry Grossman,

Dr. Terry Grossman is the founder of Grossman Wellness Center. A thought leader in the industry, he is a published author and coach for many who have made the choice to live a longer healthier life.

Meet Our Team

Sam Rwubusisi
Sam Rwubusisi
Clinical Director
Brent Michnal
Robyn Stevens, M.A.
Infusion Manager
Jeff Bourquin, CNT
Patient Care Coordinator
Laura Wolfe
Bruno Reyes
Patient Services Team
Jordan Uvalle
Clinical Team
LeAnn Wood
Patient Services Team
Darcy Lennon
Patient Services Team
Megan Thomas
Clinical Team

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