The SAFE™ (Stay Alive ForEver) Program offers a two-pronged approach to help you slow down, stop and reverse the aging process:
Our approach is based on Dr. Terry Grossman’s two fundamental pillars of age reversal:

Early Detection and Prevention. These were developed in conjunction with noted inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil and initially presented in their New York Times best-selling books: Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever and Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.

  • Early Detection is performed as part of a Longevity Evaluation, one of the most comprehensive testing programs available anywhere in the world. This evaluation is typically conducted annually at one of our offices. (For the convenience of our patients, we can arrange for many of these tests to be done close to home.)

  • Aging Prevention (slowdown, stoppage, and reversal) is available as part of our SAFE™ (Stay Alive ForEver) Program with a variety of supplements, prescription medications and lifestyle interventions.

What is included in the Safe Program :

Overall Health Assessment

Full medical history and review of previous medical records; Tests of vision, hearing, and lung function; body composition (percent body fat, muscle mass); blood screening (liver, kidney, electrolytes, bone marrow function, etc.); urinalysis; stress reactor testing

Physical Assessment

Physical examination; Body Fat and muscle mass; caloric needs analysis (SECA scan); Osteoporosis Testing (DXA scan); Fitness evaluations (upper and lower body strength, core, flexibility testing); Spirometry (lung function); Exercise capacity; VO2 max testing


Hormone Testing
Thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, growth hormone, sex hormones; 24-hour testing for diurnal variation in adrenal function

Cardiovascular Evaluation
Full testing of cardiac risk factors including lipids, lipid particle size, lp(a), hs-CRP, homocysteine, ApoB and others; Heart rate variability; Graded Exercise Treadmill Test; Carotid IMT Ultrasound for determination of atherosclerosis with reflex coronary CT angiography with AI-analysis (non-invasive and more accurate than traditional “heart catheterizations” (performed when CIMT shows significant arterial cholesterol build-up) – NOTE: Using this combination of tests means that we can state with confidence that virtually NO ONE undergoing these non-invasive tests should EVER die of a heart attack or stroke (the #1 cause of death)

Early Cancer Detection
Liquid biopsy to assess Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) for early cancer detection of 50 most common malignancies; Whole-Body MRI imaging for further cancer and other organ abnormality screening.

Brain Function/ Cognitive Health
Neurotransmitter levels; Brian MRI with AI-assisted NeuroQuant evaluation; functional MRI testing; Wavi EEG testing; Creyos neurocognitive evaluation

Specialized Antiaging Tests
Computerized determination of your biological age; Biological age determination via the latest advancements in epigenetic testing using methylation markers and patterns; Pace of Aging testing; telomere length.

Food Sensitivity Testing
An extensive battery of food antibodies

Micronutrient Testing
Urine organic acids; plasma amino acids; fatty acid testing; blood and urine biomarkers indicative of oxidative stress; nutrient vitamin and mineral levels; essential fatty acids; Evaluation of nutritional status and recommendations for a personalized diet and nutritional supplement plan

Toxins and Detoxification:
Heavy metal toxins; Environmental Pollutants; Free radical testing (we are one of the few clinics in the world to offer measurement of free radicals in the bloodstream)

Digestive Analysis
Comprehensive testing for Digestion/Absorption; Inflammation/Immunology markers; gut microbiome testing

Carbohydrate Metabolism
Current blood glucose and insulin level; average blood sugar over 3-4 months; level of insulin resistance

Immune Function
Tests of helper and suppressor T lymphocytes

Inflammation Testing
Inflammatory markers; targeted interleukins

Blood Clotting
Including prothrombin time; partial thromboplastin time; and test for occult clots anywhere in the body

Bone Densitometry
State-of-the-art DXA scanning to screen for osteopenia/porosis

BioEnergy Testing
Measurement of metabolism and oxygen utilization; Bicycle ergometry to assess mitochondrial performance during exercise and provide target heart rate zones. This test is one of the best assessments of mitochondrial function and overall cellular energy dynamics.

Genomics Testing
Panels of actionable genomics tests that can provide information relevant to your lifestyle

Unique Testing (rarely found elsewhere)
Senescent cell quantification; immune longevity markers (T cell utilization and autophagy); free radical quantification

Results Discussion

After all tests are reported back to our clinic, a full report will be prepared and reviewed in detail in person or via teleconference. (75 – 90 minutes)
After completing their longevity evaluation, most patients elect to enroll in the SAFE™ (Stay Alive ForEver) Program. This annual program includes regular follow-up lab testing (most commonly performed from home) followed by a full discussion of the results in person or via teleconference.


SAFE™ is a concierge program, and our practitioners are available to answer questions and address most health issues that may arise whenever you need them. SAFE™ also includes two stem-cell based exosome treatments. (For people traveling to one of our clinics only once per year, these can be done on sequential days.)

Grossman Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art, cellular level medical diagnoses, and pre-treatment to slow the aging process for its patients.

SAFE Club Members receive the following services for an annual membership fee:

  1. Complete physical and mental evaluation and subsequent proactive treatments and plans based on regular (3 times per year) cellular level testing,

  2. Individually/personalized compounded medicines, supplements and vitamins adjusted once every four months and sent directly to patients’ home.

  3. Access to physician 24/7

  4. Primary care 24/7

  5. A series of “Perfect health” personalized IV’s

  6. AI-augmented Health Care Innovations


“You’re not getting any younger … but you could be!”

To begin your age reversal and longevity journey, please contact us today.

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Nine steps to living well forever.