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A New Approach to Weight Loss

A New Approach to Weight Loss: The Denver HCG Diet™

Are you frustrated by the difficulty you have had losing weight and keeping it off despite exercising and following a healthy diet? The Denver HCG Diet™ developed exclusively by the physicians at Grossman Wellness Center has helped thousands of men and women lose weight easily, safely, and quickly. Most people lose between ½ to 1 pound per day on average…and keep it off! Quickly rid your body of excess fat… We combine The Denver HCG Diet™ to quickly rid your body of excess fat with our Time Limited Carbohydrate or TLC™ Diet to enable you to avoid regaining the weight you lose. This combination allows our patients to succeed where veterans of other diet programs have failed. Dr. Grossman has practiced bariatrics or weight loss medicine for over 25 years and has extensive experience in helping his patients follow physician-supervised weight loss programs. He developed this weight loss combination as a refinement of Dr. Simeon’s original HCG program originally developed more than 50 years ago.

Some of our patients choose to add some unique features, including Dr. Grossman’s proprietary, patented, vegan protein shake mix that may be used in conjunction with the diet. He has also developed a nutritional supplement program that ensures that no one will develop any type of nutritional deficiency while following the low-calorie program.  These products may be purchased at a discount for our HCG patients while on the program.


In many ways, losing weight is the easier part of the battle. For many people, keeping it off has proven to be more difficult. After you reach your goal weight by following The Denver HCG Diet™ you will receive complete instructions in Dr. Grossman’s TLC™ (Time Limited Carbohydrate) Diet, the easiest method we have ever found for maintaining your goal weight and not regaining the weight you have lost. The TLC Diet allows you to eat virtually all of your favorite foods without gaining weight by controlling the specific times that you eat them.

Many of our patients lose 10-20 pounds in three weeks or 30+ pounds in six weeks with The Denver HCG Diet™ ... then keep it off for good with the maintenance TLC™ Diet. HCG can also be repeated for a second or third cycle if additional weight loss is needed.

The initial weight loss diet is also very inexpensive. In some sense you could even say that it is free! The reason we say this is because you will only be eating a fraction of your usual food intake while on HCG. Your daily food expense will likely drop to $5 per day. This $10-15 per day savings on food more than pays for the entire Denver HCG Diet™ program. That’s why we say it’s FREE!

You can lose weight faster than you ever thought possible and with our very own TLC maintenance diet, you can keep it off for good. We invite you to call (303) 233-4247 right now to find out more about this diet plan.


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