Monthly Archives: August 2016

4 Outdoor Activities for All Ages

Going outdoors and participating in fun, physical activities is great for your body, mind and spirit. Besides getting your daily dose of vitamin D, getting outside helps clear your head and improves your overall mental well-being. Here’s a roundup of four outdoor activities to keep your heart pumping at any age, along with a few […]

Early Detection Saves Lives

Our medical director, Terry Grossman, M.D., and Dr. Ray Kurzweil discuss that the two main pillars to maintaining optimal health as people age are prevention and early detection of diseases and disorders. For half a decade, the Grossman Wellness Center has been offering The Program for Optimal Wellness (POW)™, which is designed to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. […]

Everything You Should Know About Food Allergies and Gluten

Millions of people around the world are affected by food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. A majority of food allergies or sensitivities cause minor discomfort or mild symptoms, but some people can develop severe reactions to certain foods and in some cases, those foods can become life-threatening. In our experience serving the Denver Metro, we’ve seen […]

What Are Concierge Medical Services and Could They Be Right for You?

Today’s traditional medical system has a few issues. It is focused on treatments that address your symptoms; it deprives you of valuable face-to-face time with the doctor, and patients are often limited to procedures that are only covered by their health insurance. Despite the shortcomings of traditional medicine, concierge medicine can fill in the gaps […]

An Introduction to High Blood Pressure and What You Can Do to Stop It

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in the developed world. In America alone, about 600,000 people die every year from heart disease. This is a troubling statistic because in some cases, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. We’ve got a few ideas that we share with our patients on how to avoid debilitating cardiovascular […]