GWC offers comprehensive Wellness or Longevity Evaluations. Our Longevity Evaluations are designed to help our patients increase their longevity. But as important as increasing lifespan, we also want to help you increase your healthspan, your years of life spent enjoying optimal health and wellness. We intend to move beyond yesterday’s catch phrase “60 is the new 40” to today’s “90 is the new 60!”

We have two Longevity Programs designed to help you reach your goals – Our Standard and Ultimate Longevity Evaluations.

Each of these evaluations includes a combination of tests and consultations with our professional staff to enable you to maximize both your lifespan and healthspan. Different levels of testing are included depending on whether you choose the Standard or Ultimate Program. Our programs zero in on the following (an italicized test included exclusively as part of an Ultimate Evaluation):

Testing and Evaluation

Conventional Testing

Tests of vision, hearing, lung function; body composition (percent body fat); blood screening (liver, kidney, electrolytes, bone marrow function, etc.); urinalysis; stress reactor testing

Hormone Testing

Thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, growth hormone, pituitary and sex hormones; adrenal stress index; neurotransmitters

Cardiovascular Evaluation

Standard lipid testing with lp(a) and homocysteine; measurements of inflammation and methylation; electrocardiogram and bicycle ergometry; coronary artery calcium scoring; arterial stiffness (arteriosclerosis) tests; advanced lipid testing including particle size and number

Early Cancer Detection

Liquid biopsy to assess Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC’s) for early cancer detection; Whole Body MRI imaging for further cancer and other organ abnormality screening. 

Specialized Antiaging Tests

Computerized determination of your biological age; Biological age determination via the latest advancements in epigenetic testing using methylation markers and patterns.  

Food Sensitivity Testing

Extensive battery of food antibodies measured

Micronutrient Testing

Urine organic acids; plasma amino acids; fatty acid testing; blood and urine biomarkers indicative of oxidative stress; nutrient vitamin and mineral levels; essential fatty acids

Digestive Analysis

Comprehensive testing for Digestion/Absorption; Inflammation/Immunology markers; gut microbiome testing

Toxins and Detoxification Capacity

Chelation-provoked urine test for toxic heavy metals; liver detoxification analysis; free radicals in the blood

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Current blood glucose and insulin level; average blood sugar over 3-4 months; level of insulin resistance

Immune Function

Tests of helper and suppressor T lymphocytes

Inflammation Testing

Inflammatory markers; targeted interleukins

Blood Clotting

Including prothrombin time; partial thromboplastin time; and test for occult clots anywhere in the body

Bone Densitometry

We use ultrasound examination of the wrist, thus avoiding ionizing radiation

BioEnergy Testing

Measurement of metabolism and oxygen utilization; Bicycle test to assess fat utilization and mitochondrial performance during exercise and provide target heart rate zones. This test is one of the best assessments of mitochondrial function and overall cellular energy dynamics. 

Genomics Testing

Panels of actionable genomics test that can provide information relevant to your lifestyle

 Professional Consultations

Terry Grossman M.D.: Your Comprehensive Health Evaluation also includes a full history and physical, lunch meeting and results discussion with Dr. Grossman – face-to-face time 3½ hours

Nutritionist Consultation: one of our nutritionists will review the results of your testing to make personalized recommendations for optimal diets to achieve optimal wellness and longevity

Personal Trainer Consultation: One of our trainers will perform an assessment of your fitness levels and make recommendations for an optimal fitness program

Ongoing Health Collaboration

A 12-month membership in one or two of our “mini-concierge” wellness programs is included with your Longevity Evaluation. Our clinic has developed these mini-concierge programs to provide ongoing follow up, testing and regular communication between you and our providers.

Studies suggest the interventions used in our POW™ (Program for Optimal Wellness) Program may be able to reduce risks of the two leading killers, cardiovascular disease and cancer, by as much as 50 percent. The BAM™ (Best Aging Male) and WAP™ (Women Aging Perfectly) programs are designed to optimize hormone levels. Membership in these programs includes ongoing blood testing (that can be done in your home city), provision of program medications and supplements and in-person or videoconference visits with one of our healthcare providers every four months. A one-year membership in both these programs is included with the Ultimate Evaluation. Membership in either POW or BAM/WAP is included with the Standard Evaluation. This helps assure your ongoing collaboration and connection with our clinic.

Dr. Grossman has also developed one of the best longevity programs in the world that he has named the SAFE™ (Stay Alive For Ever) Program. This is an extremely sophisticated and comprehensive life extension program that begins where the Ultimate Program leaves off. Membership in the SAFE™program and in the associated 120 Plus Club™ will be offered for your consideration to Ultimate Program patients.


Nine steps to living well forever.